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Sri Aravind and Smt. Jayashree

Both of them are like my parents to me. They have treated me like their own child. I am sure most of the Musicians from Bangalore would agree to what I am saying as they have been like God-sent-Angels to most of them. In my struggling times these both have stood like pillars in my life by supporting me to the extent of taking care of my daily needs. They had so much trust and belief in me that they bought me my First Keyboard- O1wfd by borrowing Rs. one lakh twenty thousand from their house owner Mr. Seetharamiah (a noble man). I can never forget their support and care for me. They will ever remain in my heart.



Sri G.K. Venkatesh, Music Director

I trained and worked under Sri. G.K. Venkatesh for Three years From 1991-93. It was my Life's most golden experience, since Sri. GKV was such a legendary Music Director and also had the honor for introducing the prolifically Genius, Maestro Illayaraja to the Film Industry. It was a privilege to have learnt the most valuable techniques and methods in Composing. Sri. GKV imparted tremendous amount of musical knowledge into me especially different ways of using Carnatic ragas in composing. I am really thankful to him for being such a great teacher to me and I Personally feel it's like a Blessing in Disguise from God Himself for giving such a chance in my lifetime to be associated with Sri. GKV. During that time I also got to meet Dr. Rajkumar who was there to sing for a devotional album composed by Sri. GKV. This was one of the most memorable times in my life as I got the privilege to Record Dr. Rajkumar's voice.



Sri Hamsalekha, Music Director

I worked with Sri Hamsalekha as an Assistant Music Director, Conductor and Arranger from the year 1998 to 2002. It is an Unforgettable experience as I gained immense knowledge in Composing. Hamsalekha Sir's approach in composing tunes for a particular scene or situation is very unique and awesome. I had the privilege of observing and learning his methods and skills in composing for four years. He is my inspiration and Role model. He always kept me on my heels to search and invent new themes in Music.



Sri Mano Murthy, Music Director

I worked with Sri. Mano Murthy for 12 years from 1996 to 30th Sept 08. More than being associated with him on a Musical platform I was closely connected to him on an individual level. I admired the way he carried out his work in a well-organized, well-planned, disciplined way. He stood by punctuality and set examples in everyone around him. On that level I learnt that Composing simple and enjoyable tunes is a key factor for good hits. I am very content that I got the opportunity to compose most memorable Background Music, Arrange Music and Orchestrate for his wonderful song tunes. My most wonderful experience with him was for the movie "Mungaru Male" which carved a niche for itself in the Kannada Music Industry and has changed the Musical Arena for Years to come. Mano Murthy Sir has left an everlasting imprint in my heart Forever as a Great Friend and Elder Brother.



Sri Nagathihalli Chandrashekar, Film Director

He is my mentor, well-wisher and a great friend. I can never forget his Support and Encouragement as he always steered me to become an Independent Music Director.

He gave the biggest opportunity in my life to compose Music for his Film "Paris Pranaya". He would remain in my heart forever as a great teacher and as a great friend.



Sri Richard Louis

He too has been my Mentor and at times more than just a mentor, he has been my well-wisher and a great friend. I can never ever forget those days while working for "Paris Pranaya". His presence had always an impact on me. I always used to draw a lot of energy and encouragement from him. I was amazed by his humorous nature and the way he used to keep everyone around him smiling. His belief "Positive mental attitude is the key factor for success in life…" inspires me even today. Coming from a theatrical background, he taught me the theatrical approach to Music and tipped me on how to keep the audience alive and alert always. I can never forget his guidance and help.



Smt. Sandhya, Lyricist and Sri Ravindranath, Musician

They are a very loving and caring couple from US, California. Ravindranath is a talented Musician and Sandhya is a marvelous Lyricist. Their passion for Music and Musicians is such that any Musician from Karnataka wouldn't fail to recognize their Hospitality when they have visited their house in the US. I can never forget their generosity and support at the time of my Dwelling Construction. They are a living testimony for "A friend in Need is a friend Indeed". They would remain in the centre of my life forever.



Sri Shankar

Sri Shankar has and will always be my Well-Wisher and a Great Friend. He has stood by me in low as well as high tides. He has supported and encouraged me in every turn of my Career.

His compassion has touched many a musicians lives and taken care of them in their own subtle ways. A fair and exceptional human being.


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